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We are the professional tree service experts. We have the equipment and experience to deliver quality tree care services and are unparalleled in efficiency and safety. Serving Morgantown and North Central West Virginia’s tree care needs for over 30 years, we specialize in all phases of tree work, including fertilization, bracing, cabling, pruning, crown reduction and difficult removal. Equipped with bucket trucks, large capacity brush chippers, stump grinders, and experienced tradesmen, we are experts in turning challenging arboreal situations into simple, safe, and efficient jobs. Our experience ranges from urban residential jobs for homeowners to large-scale contract work for developers and municipalities. All wood products from our tree care operations are recycled into mulch, compost, firewood and lumber. See the “Nursery Products” section for more information on purchasing these.

In addition to our focus on tree work, we are also quality builders of arbors, decks, pergolas, fences, walkways, patios, retaining walls and other hardscape projects. We have the equipment and know-how to make your outdoor space unique.  We are also growers of evergreen trees for landscaping and own and operate a 10-acre, choose-and-cut Christmas tree farm. For a special holiday event bring your family and friends to our farm to harvest your own tree.

Why hire Mulkeen Landscaping?

  • Pride in Our Work
  • Fully Insured and Licensed
  • State of the Art Equipment and Techniques
  • Over 30 years experience in Tree Care and Landscaping
  • Highly motivated and trained staff
  • Great value for your dollar


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